Monday, July 21, 2008

Ty's 1st time at Girl's Camp

This year's girls camp was just peachy! It was so nice to get away from it all and enjoy nature and spend some time with the YW, who I so dearly love. We went to Moon Lake in the Uintah's. I was so looking forward to staying in cabins this year, but at the last minute we did some shuffling and it ended up being Ty and I and the YW pres and her husband staying in tents. It was probably for the best though so that I could protect Ty from the bears and the rabid chipmunks.

Anyways our cabins/campsites were right up off of the shore of Moon lake and we had such a great view. The weather was perfect, the girl's and leaders were awesome, and it turned out being overall a great girls camp. Another reason why it was so great was because it was only 2 nights. Don't get me wrong...I love camping, but anymore then 2 nights you start to get very in smelly and sweaty.

All Clean

Compliments to the Chef

We Rock!

One of the Beehives and Me

Tyler saved the day!

"gone fishin"

Yeah!...a fish

Wilderness Pageant

Wilderness Queen

Moon Lake 2008

Ty had some fun of his own in scaring the beehives by scratching on their cabin door like a giant bear. Little did we know it really did scare them more then we thought. Someone even suggested that it was Tyler and they all insisted that Tyler would never do such a thing...apparently Tyler has a very innocent demeanor. This year at camp we also enjoyed fishing, hiking, unga bunga, paddle boating, eating, and our theme focused on building our testimonies.

I have always enjoyed girls camp and hope that opportunities will always arise for me to join the YW of the ward for some camping. I absolutley love my calling and am thankful for it. The young women of this ward have definitley strengthened my testimony and I hope I have in some way strengthened their's. As I have blogged about before I LOVE serving in the YW's!

Here's a little something from memory lane...a picture of my last year as a Laurel at girl's camp:


  1. Looks like you all had a fun time!! Great pictures!!

  2. Gotta love girls camp! and two that is awesome! I would love that...ours is coming up and we are going for four days!

  3. okay...i am SO jealous! I loved girls camp when I was a YW and you get to be a leader? It looks like you guys had a BLAST! I love the story about tyler being a bear 'he would never do that' guys rock!

  4. I'm so jealous! Thanks for sharing your pics. I love the one of you looking all army. Very fierce!


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