Thursday, December 18, 2008

Don't Judge Me :)

There's only a week left week of Christmas and....

I just barely got my tree and decorations up at the first of this week…ooops.

Just so you know I am usually the first person to put the tree up…usually before Thanksgiving, but somehow this year it didn’t happen until pretty much just now. Don’t ask me to explain why because I honestly can’t. But it is up and that is all that counts. I am a bit regretful that I didn’t just take a couple of hours earlier this month or last month to put it up because I could seriously sit here for hours looking at the pretty lights. Oh, and also, this is the first year that our house doesn’t look like a gingerbread house on the outside. We decided that it wasn’t worth Tyler risking his life…especially since he will be a daddy in a few short months.

But, just because it took me this long to decorate doesn’t mean that I’m not excited for the holiday…I even went to what many of you would consider a “dorky” Christmas sing-along at the Energy Solutions Center with a couple of coworkers…..SO FUN!!!!!!!!!! Singing Christmas songs will definitely put you in the mood. I’ve actually been singing them since right after Halloween. I’m not kidding when I say, that it was the ONLY music on the radio that didn’t make me sick to my stomach in my first trimester. I am the type of person that loves pretty much all music, but it was the Christmas music that kept me from losing my lunch and kept those happy nutrients down for little baby Hodson to enjoy.

Ummmmm……..I don’t know what else to write, so here’s a way funny video that I'm sure a lot of you have seen (and ps I am not trying to advertise for Budweiser):

Now, to finish shopping......

Monday, December 8, 2008

Oreos drenched in milk! I am the type of person who can take on:
--2 jobs (30+ hrs/wk)
--full-time school
--a busy church calling
--cleaning a house
--and a husband

...all with usually 5-6 hours of sleep.

Now, I'm down to the following:
--kinda 2 jobs (less then 20 hrs/wk)
--2 online classes
--a piece of cake calling that requires little to no extra effort
--somewhat keeping the house in order
--and hopefully paying enough attention to my husband so that he knows he's still loved

...all with about 10+ hours of sleep...with random power naps throughout the day.

It's amazing to me how much energy I don't have these days...thus, also the lack of posting to this website I call bloggaboo.

Well.......These are some things that I would have made into seperate posts over the last couple of weeks, but now you get them all in one helping and condensed:

1. 11-21-08 Kari and Rob's wedding was such a beautiful day! I am so happy for them! It was a long day, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The ceremony was beautiful, the weather was perfect, the luncheon was so nummy, and the line to congratulate the couple was horendous (in a good way)...I loved seeing old friends and acquaintances that I haven't seen in forever. The following is a slideshow with pictures from my Aunt Rhonda's camera. Thanks Rhonda, for taking these!:

(ok...I'm getting tired, so I'll post these sometime tomorrow or Wednesday...Here's 3)

2. THANKS to everyone for the congratulations on here and Facebook...Ty and I feel really blessed to have so many good people in our lives. This is a picture that I wanted to post a long time ago, but couldn't. Remember the picture of Ty sewing on the sewing machine? Well, this is the little number that he created:

3. 11-29-08 I went to Twilight. I suprisingly enjoyed it and am a bit anxious now for the next movie. Tyler was off-the-wall excited that he did not have to sit through the movie...although I'm sure he would've if no one else could've gone. This is a pic of us in front of the movie poster...except for the guy taking the picture cut off Edward's big forehead:

4. 12-02-08 I was sad to hear of Elder Wirthlin's passing, but then I heard that he was 91 and his wife had died a couple years ago, and so sadness turned to hapiness thinking of the reunion with his lovely wife. Almost immediatley after hearing of his death I kinda wondered what the last thing he left us with last conference I read this talk, "Come What May, and Love it". It talks about how we can react to adversity, sorrow, and hard times. I recommend reading this short little talk...what a great man with some great wisdom. I liked this quote from the talk...and definitley need to take it to heart:

"The next time you're tempted to groan, you might try to laugh instead.
It will extend your life and make the lives of all those around you more

Ok, that is all. Happy last minute Christmas shopping to you all!

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