Friday, December 18, 2009

We are grateful for the season!

This is one of my favorite times of year! First and foremost we are so grateful for our Savior who's birth we are celebrating right now. I know my life would be pretty empty and lonely without the knowledge that I have of his birth, death, and resurrection.

I am also grateful for what we do have. This year our ward did an angel tree. It was very humbling to see that all that some of the kids wanted for Christmas were simple some nailpolish...or the game of "Life".

I also could not be more thankful for a baby to share the Christmas holiday with. It's been so fun this year to spend time with her and eating up her eating up everything about this season. Even though she is small, she definitley notices the beautiful lights and sounds of Christmas...and I'm sure feels of the wonderful spirit that goes along with it.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Have you heard...

.......She already craves chocolate...if she could only reach it.

.........She can walk...with help.
.......She can read...or be read to rather.

.........She breaks my heart when I go to watching my car drive down the street.

.........She likes sleeping in Mommy & Daddy's bed

........She enjoys sucking on her bottom lip.

.........She brings us soooo much joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanksgiving, Family Pics, & A Huge Crane!!

Turkey day was way fabulous!!! We have a new tradition on my family's side where we do Thanksgiving dinner the night before. That way my parents can go up to Idaho and Kari and I can go to our hubby's familys. All I can say is that I ate myself silly both days!!!

I have a lot to be thankful for this year...a wonderful husband, baby, family and good friends. I also have my health and the gospel in my life. And so so so much more.

Thanksgiving day:

Here we are eating dinner at Ty's Grandma's:

A few weeks ago we had our family pictures taken. I can't say that I'm thrilled with how they turned out. Don't get me wrong...the girl who took them (Sharstin Miller) did a wonderful job and is very talented, but we just happened to do them around Brynlee's nap time, therefore we didn't get a single picture with a smile. And of course I can always nit pick myself.

Here's a few:

Tyler's been working like a dog to get the house dried in before a major snow storm. I can't believe the talent that him and his grandpa have to be able to do a project like--a house.

I woke up one morning and this is what I saw out the window...this gargantuous crane...woh baby.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It feels like you're running at an incredible rate.

I am saving my money for this:


I have come to the realization that this will be the only way that I will actually exercise.

**I have a gym membership that I haven't used since before I was pregnant...I was a little paranoid and so didn't exercise one drop when I was with child. Now Brynlee is here, it's hard to find the right moment when I can go to the gym and Ty is able to watch her...and when that moment does happen, I just want to stay home and hang out with my family. Oh, also there is a daycare in the gym, but who wants to take a little baby around kids who may or may not have the dreaded swine flu??

**For a while I wanted wii active, but had no idea what to expect from it. Is it a good work out? Would I eventually get bored with it? Would Brynlee like the fact that I'm ignoring her for an hour while I'm staring at the TV and swinging my arms about looking way silly?

**What I would ideally like is to be able to go bike riding as a family. This would require us to A) have bikes, B) have one of those things that drag behind the bike that holds our precious cargo...aka Brynlee (is that really safe?) C) have a husband who actually has a little time. I will definitley reconsider this option in a few years.

**How do the movie stars get back into shape after only 2 months? Oh wait they have a nanny. Since that is not an option....I will for-go.

So, anyways this seemed like the perfect solution. Running (which I am one of those wierdos who like it) with Brynlee in plain sight, enjoying the outdoors, hopefully raising my heart rate a little, and not succumbing to the wonderful world of Cafe Rio/Carl's Jr./Einsteins/Krispy Kreme/Olive Garden/Santa Monica Pizza Kitchen/Oh-I could go on and on...

Friday, November 6, 2009

From Halloween to a REAL Hole in the Ground to a Little Turkey...

She was a ladybug. OH, man did she make a cute one!!

And then Mr. Hodson was 2 things. For work he was a Minuteman missle test pilot. He is a program manager for this it's some kind of inside joke at work. I guess there aren't really test pilot's for this missle...yah, I didn't get it either. ANd then he was Frankenstein. At our ward trunk-or-treat most of the little kids would walk waaay around him watching him the whole time to make sure he wasn't gonna jump out and get them. It was funny!! The other guy is Ashley's hubby, Brock...he went as a baby.

The other day we tried to feed her cereal. But after talking with a lactation nurse and some friends we are trying again at the first of December when she's 6 months.

Isn't this a cute picture?

Oh, and did anyone happen to see the post "A Hole in the Ground"? Well, if you did, sorry it was so negative. Ty told me to erase it because it was negative and it kinda mentioned a little bit too much info. Well, things are much better, for example...there is a hole in the ground :) Here is the progress:

This is our before picture...hopefully there will be a house there in about 6 or 7 months.

A few weeks ago we had our annual Halloween party with Ty's friends. Teresa captured this picture of the 3 babes born all almost exactly a month apart in April, May, and June. Aren't they cuties?

And it seems like everyone is doing applique tees, so I decided to make some....mostly becasue they are easy and I am far from a pro sewer. I think they turned out ok though. My Mom drew the pattern...aren't the little Thom Turkeys just so adorable?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Progressivley getting nicer :)

I love the snow, but I love this too:

Monday, October 12, 2009

It’s Octubre!

Isn’t this pumpkin cuter then the pumpkins??


Brynlee went to the zoo for the first time in her life! She was so amazed by all of the animals and loved seeing them up close and personal. She couldn't get over how cute the little baby Zuri was...ok not really...she slept for most of the time. It was still fun though; much more fun then last year. If you remember (I definitley do) last year was horrible because of heat stroke. Well this year was perfect weather! Anyways, we went with Ty's family and it was so fun to walk around with Ty's grandpa who loves wildlife and animals. Can't wait for Brynlee to actually understand what's going on. It's fun to pretend though :) IMG_0406


Brynlee I think LOVES elephants. She can't stop staring at anything elephant...

And goodness gracious she’s sitting in a bumbo…she is very proud of herself!!!


Oh, and look... I'm being crafty. I've decided that I love sewing!! I'm not so good yet, but someday soon hopefully. Thanks to my Momma for helping me learn...despite years of neglect and abuse by me in not wanting to have anything to do with it.


Oh, and yes I need to update my blogger header....Thanks for always reminding me Mom.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

3 Months Old, Idaho Falls, & Kids Having Kids

Brynlee is now 3 months old!!


-She smiles with delight at pretty much everyone who will talk to her.

-She is sleeping....5-8 hours straight a night, eating, and then sleeping for usually 1-2 hours
more. We couldn't be happier :)

-She loves to be held. When she isn't being held, but wants to...she will yellat us.

-She despises the one bottle a day that she has and usually won't take it, but will patiently wait for her momma (me) to get home from work.

-She is so gassy! But refuses gripe tears.

-Her favorite things to say include: a-booo, aah

-We call her our little "hoot owl" because that's exactly what she sounds like.

-Bath time is pleasant up until the point of washing her neck/face/hair...and then you would think I was torturing poor Brynlee.

-She loves to see everything there is to see.

-She loves peek-a-boo

-Her hair is brown and eyes are TBD...

-If you touch her nose she will give you the biggest smile.

-You can expect a blow out from her at least once a week.

Last weekend I went up to Idaho with my family to go thru the Idaho falls temple with my Aunt Rhonda. This was a beautiful temple and I am so happy for Rhonda. It ended up being a really nice day (Ty unfortunatley had to stay home to finish getting bids for the house). This temple is also the one that my parents were married in 31 years ago. I love Idaho and all of the people there :)...oh, and I love the potatoes.

And...Once upon a time...Almost 10 years ago Val, Mar and Me were in High School. Now we have children of our own.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I'm sitting here at work multi-tasking. So, how 'bout some politics??

This is a short video that my mom showed will find it hilaaarious:

And this pretty much sums up what I think of Obama's speech last night:

"You Lie"

You can agree or disagree with me...I still like you :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Summer Dayz

I'm a little sad that it is the end of the summer! This has been such a different but most wonderful summer. A baby changes the way you live your life, but most definitley for the better. I absolutley can't believe that she'll be 3 months next week...already the time is flying by.

At her last appt. she weighed in at a whopping 11 lbs. and is 23+ inches long....and most importantly healthy :) Apparently she is in the 90th percentile for her height. Maybe short little Sara will have a tall daughter :)

Ty's little sis got married last weekend too in Ty's Mom's backyard! It was a beautiful wedding and reception....Congratulations Ashley and Brock Meibos!!!

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