Monday, March 23, 2009

A Comfy Cozy Baby

These are the beautiful quilts that my Mom made for our soon to be bundle-of-Brynlee. She put a lot of work and love into them and I think they turned out perfectly. I am not a sewer. There was many a time growing up that my Mom wanted to teach me to sew, but I always thought I had something better to do. Now, seeing the amazing things that can be done with a sewing machine makes me want to learn to sew so much!!!....The only sad part of this is that we won't be able to put them in a nursery for about a year, but we all will still enjoy them thoroughly. These quilts will definitley be treasured forever by us and Brynlee as a special gift of love from her Grandma and Grandpa Scott! Thankyou so much!

ps This was Ty's favorite picture of the bunch...we honestly didn't realize that the clock behind my head looked like horns until after the fact...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

13 weeks left!!!!!!!!

A few have wanted to see my ever expanding belly. I really haven't expanded all that fact just today, the adoption director asked me if I was pregnant or if I was just getting fat in the belly. You have to know her and know how funny she is...I wasn't offended at all. Well, here I am at 26 weeks:

I have felt so amazingly great in the past couple of months. No sickness, lots of energy, and a great appetite for what I love doing most....eating!!! Below is a picture of what I enjoy eating most--anything with SUGAR (Please note the massive mound of whipped cream!). Oh, and thanks to Grandma Bates for all of the yummy strawberries!:

And these are a couple that I got a kick out of. We like to think that Rusty is excited for the new baby, and that he will be her little protector. We will see exactly how that all rolls out come June.

On another note. I am so proud of Ty! About 3 weeks ago he got a promotion at his work. He'll be moving to a new department in about a month to be a program director. Congratulations Tyler Lynn!!!!!!! If you wanna know more what he'll be doing you'll have to ask him. I get confused.

And on one final sad/happy/stressful/exciting/what the heck note...we sold our house today. Well, it's still not final, but someone put an offer on the table and we have accepted. In a market like this I have no choice to be grateful for actually being able to sale! And after all of the apprehension I was feeling a couple of months ago about selling, I suprisingly feel a sense of peace and feel like this is actually the right time to be moving. I was sad and teared up when Ty told me, but only because we're selling "our" first house, and moving away from people that we love (our ward family). So, yeah...I took the day off tomorrow and everything to paint the extra bedroom pink, but I'm not so much gonna be doing that tomorrow....Mom, wanna go to Kohl's?????

Monday, March 2, 2009


Rusty had his teeth "professionaly cleaned" exactly one week ago today, and already his breath smells a little like an overflowing sewage pipe....why?
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