Saturday, August 22, 2009

Warning....Unrated Material

This is the face that she gives me right before she blows her diaper would never think huh?!...Yah, neither did I.

PS- Her t-shirt reads: "My Heart Belongs to Daddy"....couldn't be more true.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

4 New Totally Awesome Posts

I haven't found time to blog...But have every intention of keeping this thing up. Here are 4 more posts:

* Brynlee's Big Day...And Some Other Cute Pics

* Guess Who's Preggo?!?!?...And Other Latest and Greatest News!

* Scotty Reunion....4th Annual

* Talented Momma's

Brynlee's Big Day...And Some Other Cute Pics

Brynlee was blessed on August 2nd by Ty. It was a beautiful blessing and a beautiful day. Thanks to all fam and friends who were able to be there. She looked so adorable in her beautiful dress that my Mom made for her and she didn't make a peep all thru Sacrament meeting and her blessing. Several times she was blessed that she would be happy. We then all went back to Annette's and had a nummy luncheon...Here she is in her dress. I didn't get any pictures of that day, so I'll have to depend on my Aunt Rhonda and Ty's Mom for that (Rhonda, if you're reading this I would love if you could email me those pics).

And then to sort thru the 5 million pictures that we've taken of her to find a few to post on here is quite the task, but here's a few that I thought were cute

Guess Who's Preggo?!?!?...And Other Latest and Greatest News!

Kari and Rob are gonna be having a baby girl in February. We all couldn't be happier for them!! They will be the cutest parents ever. I'm also excited because Brynlee will have someone close to to play with. I didn't really grow up with cousins that I saw a lot so this is a big deal to me. Can't wait to hold their little bundle of joy this winter!

We are finally moving forward with the building of our house. After a couple of months of fighting with the county with issues dealing with the size of the driveway I am seeing progress. We ordered our plans and received them yesterday....Here is the basic plan (we've made some changes to it such as a daylight basement.):

We feel really blessed to be building...interest rates are low, labor and materials are low, Tyler will be the General contractor so we'll save money there, Tyler can do some of the work so we'll also save money there, and we are lucky/blessed enough to have land that was given to us by Ty's Mom. So in the end our mortgage will be about half the amount of what it would be if we were to just go buy this same house somewhere else.

I went back to work last week. I have very mixed feelings, but so far it has gone well. I am working 4 days a week for about 4 hours a is so far just enough to have a little time away from Brynlee, but by the end of the shift I am totally missing her and wanting to hold my baby girl. My Mom is watching her along with Ty's Mom on Friday's so she is with trusted people which makes it easier.

Last week also was Ty's grandma and grandpa's 50th wedding anniversary. Happy 50 years to them!!!!

Some not so happy things: She's still not sleeping through the night, we have a neighbor who's not exactly happy about us building, Brynlee is a VERY gassy baby...and when I say VERY I mean VERY!, 800=how much it cost to get my car registered this year because of some ridiculous tire issue...anyone want a Mazda 6?...this car has been a money pit FYI, but all in all...

Life is Good!

Scotty Reunion...5th Annual

We also were able to go to SL with my family for the annual reunion at the Kimball. We didn’t go swimming at Raging waters like in the past because of Brynlee, but we still had fun! We went to the This is the Place Heritage Park and to The Living Planet Aquarium. Both of these were way fun but will be even more fun with little kids. My Mom and Dad got these touristy passes which allow you to see like 20 different places in SL for 20 dollars. Of course we couldn't see all 20 in 2 days, but it was still a deal considering most of the places were like 8-10 dollars to get in. We had a lot of fun and I really hope this tradition carries on forever. I love my family!!

Talented Momma's!!!

This is the beautiful announcement that my Mom-in-Law whipped up in like 10 minutes.
And this is the life-saving Hooter-Hider that my Mom whipped up in like 10 minutes.

They are talented ladies, and are always more then willing to help the not-so-talented me out. Luv them!!
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