Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Brynlee Mae

Yes, it's been over 2 weeks since Brynlee was born, and I haven't posted about her. I don't feel bad though because all of my spare time has been with her. It's been wonderful getting to know this little angel. This girl: has the cutest expressions, looks so peaceful when she sleeps, eats and poops more then anyone else I know right now, is a daddy's girl, hardly ever cries unless she's hungry...and is just so dang adorable!!!

She was born on Saturday the 13th at 5:09 pm. She weighed 5 lbs 10 oz, and was 18 inches long. Everyone who has met her has fallen in love.

The whole labor thing was not so bad. I was induced at 8am and shortly after they broke my water, and then gave me the epidural right away...I at first was upset that they didn't wait a little longer for the epidural, but now looking back it ended up being right for me. I ended up sleeping up until the time she needed to be pushed out. She was beautiful and got a perfect APGAR score...Ty and I of course cried like babies ourselves. We're just extremely grateful and overwhelmed with joy!!

The past two weeks or so has been fun! Ty took the first week off of work and then cancelled his business trip for the next week so he could be with us more. We've taken her to both of our work's to show her off, to the parade of homes, to visit relatives, and she's also been out to eat a couple of times and did fabulously. But mostly we've just been taking it easy and figuring out the whole nursing thing and sleeping schedule :)

Although it is mostly bliss...I must be honest and say it is a lot of work too!! I can't believe how much time is taken each day and night in feeding this girl. Also, the little tasks around the house that took 5 minutes before (i.e. folding laundry) take a lot longer now. Thus the reason for being about 2 weeks later in blogging then when I originally wanted to post. Nobody really tells you these things beforehand, but I love her so much that I think it's totally worth it.

We've already taken about 5 million pictures, but here are a few for sharing.

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