Tuesday, April 27, 2010



So, I still can't find my camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I remember having it at Kari's husband's b-day dinner and then it vanished into thin air. I think that somebody is playing a mean joke on me because there are a ton of pictures on there that I am stressed/sad that I might have lost FOR-EV-ER.

Until then here are a couple from my Mom's camera that she took of me before my hair became about a foot shorter. I decided last week to chop my hair short. It hasn't been this short for a while, but my long hair was pretty nastified. I donated about a foot to locks of love, so I'm really hoping they can use it. If not that's ok too...it was time for a change.

It was so cute to watch Brynlee's reaction. She looked at me and smiled. Then she reached out for my hair and kinda pulled her tiny fingers thru it all the way to the ends for a few seconds. Then she was done with that and wanted to go and play.

ps...thanks Laura for showing me how to make cute collages for my blog :)


Oh, and how do you like that sexy LDS Family Services shirt? I'm not complaining though...it's the one day (about once every 2 weeks) that I don't have to put a skirt on :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Just Words

I am absolutley loving motherhood!! Not that I wasn't loving it before, but it seems as though it just gets more and more rewarding!!!!!! Seriously Brynlee is the funnest thing on the planet to me! She is so entertaining to watch and to play with. She is soooo smart too. I think that she just might be going to Harvard like her Daddy thinks she will.
Right now she will:

***Give you high five when asked.
***Clap her hands together if you mention "patty-cake".
***Lean in for a kiss if you ask her for a kiss.
***Wave bye-bye all the time.....but not when you want to show her off to someone she's not familiar with.
***Growl at the dogs...especially Rambo, who happens to be her favorite...Also she enjoys feeding Rusty her puffs and crackers. He loves it too!
***Crawl in everywhich direction and especially not the direction you are expecting. Um...she even is climbing up stairs. Yikes!

Oh, she is a handfull, but I absolutley love it!!!!!!! She has been much more pleasent lately now that her top two teeth have broken through.

Brynlee is so sweet too. Lately she hasn't been taking her normal 3 hour nap and so I know that she's tired and she'll sit there and rub her eyes and cuddle her head into her blankie, but still just be the sweetest little gal.

I am at work right now so I will post some pictures when I find my camera and when I'm at home.
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