Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thankful for----The 2nd Trimester!!!!

We are thrilled to announce that we are pregnant...with a baby!!!! Tyler is going to be a daddy, I'm going to be a mommy, and yes we are a little overwhelmed, but so excited and grateful for this blessing.

Technically the 2nd trimester isn't for 2 more days, but some of you know how hard of a time I have keeping secrets.

This is something that we have been wanting and praying for for a long time. We just feel so lucky and can't wait for little baby Hodson to get here...June 12thish. A summer baby :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happenings at the Hodson Household

I haven't blogged in a while. It's not even that I've been that busy, but I just enjoy reading everyone else's blogs and then run out of time/energy to post to our blog. But this is what's been going on in a nutshell:

*We have never stayed home on Halloween night. This year we decided to stay home so we could see just how many trick-or-treaters we would get...we got ZERO. I was really sad and disappointed, but I think I'm just used to my parent's house where they get a ton.

*Starbucks has REALLY GOOD hot cocoa!

*We voted! I voted for the people that I thought would do the best job...Tyler voted straight Republican. He is anti-democrat, but I think he has come to a realization that even though our next president is a democrat he will give him a chance to prove himself. If Obama messes up though, I do not want to be around to hear the rantings of both Tyler and my Dad.

*Rusty knows that the Christmas season is approaching. His squeaky toy shaped like a Christmas bulb was brought out for the first time in about 10 months by himself. (ps the picture is not of Roo)

*Tyler helped in the slaughtering of the beef that his Grandpa raises...His Grandpa and Grandma are very generous in sharing so we have all sorts of beef year round. Tyler's fancy for beef, however, hasn't been there for the last few weeks.

*Kari gets married on Friday!!! We went through the temple on Saturday night. I love going through with someone who has never been before. You seem to see the endowment session in a fresh light. Here's a couple of her bridals (just proofs) that I liked:

...Oh, and a picture of the shower Tanya and I threw her:

*I bought some really cute Croc-slippers that are super warm for only $10...and found them at RiteAid of all places.

*We recommend the movie "Eagle Eye"...but not if you're looking for something that could totally happen. This movie is a bit far fetched, but really entertaining. It has the guy in it from Transformers and is action-packed the whole way through.

*A favorite thing to eat right now are Clementines!

*My Mom bought me some more card-making books. I now have an entire library of books and magazines on the cutest scrapbooked cards you have ever seen. I also have the whole scrapbooking supply section of Joanne's in my storage. Now I just need to actually make some. I'll post some when I get around to this crafty thing that I've really been wanting to do!

*I am really enjoying my calling. It's a bit exhausting by the end of the 3-hour block, but we have some of the most adorable kids in our ward! It's so fun!!

*A couple of weeks ago I went to Body Worlds with my co-workers. Truthfully it wasn't exactly worth the money spent, or waiting in line for an hour...but I did learn a lot so I guess that is what it was worth. My favorite part is the same as my friend Katie...with all of the different stages of the fetus. I kinda had mixed feelings about seeing something that sadly didn't live, but at the same time found it so fascinating.

*Tyler has left me :( ..................just for the week to go to Dayton Ohio of all places. He has training for work.


Monday, November 3, 2008

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