Sunday, March 30, 2008

Flipflops are a must!

These are the top 5 reasons why I'm excited for summer:

5. The Fireworks and Parades: Can you believe that I actually have a parade that goes right past our house. So we wake up to Bonneville's marching band practicing and can't even leave our house, but are happily forced to just enjoy the parade...Summer holidays really are the best because of the fact that you really don't have to worry about buying presents or anything like that, but you can just go and enjoy good food and good people!

4. Green Grass: I am not a fan of the brown grass that is currently outside of our front door. I love just sitting on green, plush, good smelling grass. If you are in the same genre as my Rusty-Roo then you probably enjoy finding the stinkiest spot and rolling all over in it.

3. Swimming & Boating: Ty's Mom put in a pool last summer. So you can bet that if I'm not at work, you can most likely find me basking in the sun in her amazing pool. Water is so refreshing on a hot day. I also just love soaking up all of those UV rays into my pasty white self.

2. Free Time: I like finding fun random things to do. I'm looking forward to relaxing a little or finding myself doing things that aren't part of the day-to-day grind.

1. BBQ's: This one is my number one because I love to eat! I probably sound like a porker to you, but this is something that I truly enjoy. And what better way to do it then on a shady patio in the hot summer, eating some scrumptious potato salad, with the ones you love....also the smell of a hot grill is to-die-for!

"A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken!"

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Another Random Post

Marie tagged me, but I've had very little time to write on my blog with all that's going on. We are currently finishing up this semester, and finishing the remodeling in our house to get it up on the market. So for now I'm posting a blog I did a few months ago on my myspace page (Some things do not apply to now). Love to all!
Just in case you were wondering.............

10 Real Random Facts About You
1. I enjoy sauerkraut with hotdogs...weird huh? It must be the whole korean/kimshi thing
2. I think I could be a Vegetarian, although i do have a thing for hard boiled eggs...numm!
3. I can pop almost all joints in my body, but mostly enjoy popping my ankles and neck. (I need to stop because of: see #4)
4. The other day I almost got in a wreck because my ankle and toes cramped.
5. Everyone says I am a scary driver...(I'm not scary, just aggressive)
6. Bet you didn't know I have every state quarter that has come out. (It's a little easier now that I work at a flippin credit union.)
7. I like artsy fartsy craft stuff, but never have the time.
8. I only kiss boys
9. I have weird hidden talents…if you know me you probably know.
10. I like tanning beds, they're warm!

1. Be named Tyler Hodson
2. Be thoughtful (It's the little things that really make me happy)
3. Be tenderhearted towards everyone
4. Lots of hugs and kisses
5. Serviceful and giving
6. Have a sense of humor
7. Listen
8. I love chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream
9. Have a love for animals and children

1. Cell phone
2. Wallet
3. Gum
4. Lip gloss...mwah
5. Moolah
6. Underwear
7. Purse
8. Good smelling lotion

1. People who are ignorant (especially about religion or political stuff)
2. Hangers that are sticking out above all of the clothes in the closet
3. Rude people who interrupt or talk over you
4. Sometimes Bluetooth because I think people are talking to me or themselves when it’s really the guy on the other line
5. High pitched screams
6. My boss when she gets all over you over stupid stuff that doesn’t matter! (Ashley Anderson…you know what I mean right?)
7. Bad customer service

1. Nevada
2. Illinois
3. Missouri
4. New Mexico
5. Virginia
6. North Carolina

1. Have children
2. Tour Europe and Asia
3. Learn how to drive a stick shift
4. Make an impact for the good in this world’s problems
5. Plan my funeral

1. My loved ones dying
2. Hitting someone’s child or puppy
3. Earwigs
4. These days getting robbed at work

(I copied Genny)
1. Shower
2. Love my husband
3. Love my dog

1. Clean the bathroom
2. Go to sleep so I can get over my stinkin cold

1. Tyler…oh wait I see him

Sunday, March 2, 2008

I'm glad I'm not in Relief Society!!

One thing I know for sure is that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true!! I love the gospel and I know it sounds cliche to say so, but I don't know where I would be without it.

Currently I am in the Young Women's in my ward and I love it! I have been in there for almost 4 years. Crazy, I know, but I would much rather be there then in Relief Society. I am the 2nd counselor and since I've been in there we've been through 2 presidents, 4 1st counselors, and 3 secretaries...and there I stay. I think that apparently this is where I'm supposed to be at this time in my life.

Today I got a little emotional (actually I just tend to be somewhat of an emotional person) because first of all the first counselor who I dearly love was released and put into the primary. Also one of the teachers is moving away and another is also being put into the primary as well. Secondly, I am a little emotional over the fact that we will be soon putting our house up for sale and be moving out of this amazing ward. Growing up I didn't think that there was another ward besides my home ward that I could be so happy in. Well, I was wrong...which just goes to show that The Church is True whereever you go.

My heart goes out to the girls in my ward because I want them to stay strong and close to the gospel because I see what amazing potential they have. I also have seen the heartache of those I care about who have lost their testimonies.

My testimony has grown so much from this calling!

Back in the day...

This weekend was fun...and way too short! We reverted back to pre-married life and went to a battle of the bands in Salt Lake at the Avalon theatre. We actually decided to be supportive of a friend who is also reverting back to being a kid and is in a band. It was awesome, however, and we're glad that we went. Also, who can turn-down nummy Spaghetti Factory at the after party?

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