Wednesday, April 20, 2011

If I forget.....slap me!!!!

dear sara,

remember to:

*look at your calendar~you are a forgetful person

*take time for yourself

*wash behind your daughter's ears

*not step in the wet,.......very wet, unlandscaped dirt with slip on shoes

*buy gas when you're not in a hurry

*thank everyone who does kind things for you

*........especially family

*think of easter~ish activities more then a week before easter

*not stay up too late~you're not a morning person

*quit packing so much into your life~you're gonna miss out

*oh yes, get an 'a' out of stats the first time around~yes i got an 'a' :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Guess who's excited....

....for SUMMER!!!!!!!!! Brynlee! And the rest of our little family. We seriously can hardly stand it any longer. I have a list of about 50 things that are summer- only kind of activities. I can't wait! I bought this swim suit for Brynlee not because it is cute (because really it isn't exactly all that cute), but because she is in love with Dora and I knew how happy she would be to just see it and try it on. She was thrilled. You should have seen how much she giggled and smiled while I was putting it on. I'm just glad it made her happy (and it was only about $5). I'll probably find 1 more swimsuit that is more eyepleasing for me, but chances are she will want to wear this one every time. Oh well, whadya do? I will post more on what we've been up to later. Luvs!!
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