Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Noteworthy...Maybe...Not really

*Watching a baby sleep is so peaceful! I used to sit forever and watch baby Rusty-Roo (the dog) sleep...I should've guessed this would be a problem when Brynlee came along.

*Summer, no matter what, flys by!

*We have been dealing with the county and their stipulations for the last couple of months, but it looks like we are just about ready to get started on our house. We picked out a house plan...and our goal is to be done with it all by May. We'll see how that goes. A year seems like a long time away, but I was looking at my blog from a year ago and all of that seems like it just happened.

*We took 1 month pictures of Brynlee the other day...yah, I said one month. Crazy time needs to take it easy for a bit.

*I still miss everyone in Riverdale! (side note: everyone in West Weber is sooo nice though) I also miss our home, but if any of you have driven past it lately, it is lookin' a little different.

*The mosquitos seem extra mean and gnarly this year!!

*Only 3 more weeks until I go back to work. It's only 16-20 hours a week, but it's killing me.

*It's really hard to find time to cook with a baby...any pointers anyone on how all of you amazing momma's do it??

*Dang stretch marks...My lower tummy kinda looks like a trippy/cracked out spider web.

*5 dollar.....5 dollar....5dollar foot loooooooonnnnngs

*Please don't talk politics with might cause an annuirism.

*Evian baby commercial (baby's roller skating to Rapper's Delight) cutest ever!!!


  1. Uh, I just tried to cook while Ethan was asleep. It seems like the hardest part of the day was always between 5-8....right when you need to make and eat dinner!! Don't worry, it get's easier:)

  2. I am excited you are coming back!

  3. yes....5p-8p is the hardest time of day at our house too! do you have a swing for her?? Max spends a lot of time in his swing....he loves it!! Its so good to hear that cute, skinny girls like you get stretch marks too!! they are yucky...but they fade really fast....especially if you get some sun on them!

  4. Sara,
    We take dance lessons at Syracuse Dance Academy but I am sure lots of places do a Mom and Tot class! I would always put Mya in a bouncy chair while I cooked and cleaned! Good luck!

  5. I just LOVE reading your blog! You capture so much in your one-liners.

    As far as balancing baby's needs and household duties goes, good luck with that! If you figure it out, PLEASE let me know what the trick is! My best asset is a hubby who can stand living in a cluttery house.

    BTW, we all miss you too!!


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