Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I'm Torn

Blogging Cons for me:
*It takes a lot of time...I need to not feel like I have to catch up on every little thing that is going on in our lifes. And I need more time period :)
*Only about 1/3 of those who were into blogging are still blogging...once every 4 months.
*Everyone can see your pictures on FB...even though I still don't put them there either.

Blogging Pros:
*I miss it...wierd. I look at everyone who does keep up their blogs and love to look at them...it makes me wish I was more consistent.
*It is a great way to express my family life in pictures and words to share with friends and family.
*I would get my endless amount of scrapbooking done faster.

...but you might have missed this:

1 of about 200 pics from Christmas time...2011

...or this random happening. This is what happens when brynlee gets a hold of my ipod.  I find these little gems.  What better way to share then on blogger?

Wow...I just noticed that pictures are so much easier to load now on blogger... this might cut down on the whole time consuming thing...hmmm...


  1. It can be time consuming but I think its worth it for me its my.scrap book/journal. I'm probably not nearly as busy as you are either and it might not be a good thing but I make our.blog a priority because its important to me especially.since we turn my posts into books at the end of the year & I hope.bailee and Layla enjoy them when they get older.

    I do like face book because I get more comments, its hard since my blogs private but I've realized its not for.anyone except me really so if I never get.comments its ok. But I think comments help motivate you to keep.blogging its nice to know someones reading it.

    Good luck deciding, I'll keep reading your blog :-) & sorry my comments so long.

  2. Keep doing it Sara!! I know what you mean though... sometimes it can be a little time consuming. Loved the video of Brynlee... what a cute gal she is!! =)

  3. You should definitely keep doing it. Such a good way to journal the day to day things that go on in life. (And so much easier than scrapbooking!) Just print your blog off once a year through blurb.com and your scrapbooking is done for the year:)

  4. I say, take a break if you want. Keep a few notes somewhere about the very most important things, and when you feel a desire to blog again, you'll have them. Don't feel pressured into posting about every single thing that happens, because none of us should be spending every waking moment thinking about this stuff.

    I used to think that if I'd posted about something before, I needed to post about it always after that. So if I posted about a 4th of July party, then I needed to cover it every year after that, and every other holiday or family party too. But just a few months ago, it occurred to me that blogging should not be obligatory! We don't have to set patterns and stick to them.

    So now I'm going back an filling in some gaps after a long break of my own. I'm not doing every single thing that I've covered in the past. And I'm not going to point out every single change in my kids' development, etc. But I am enjoying it again, which means I am more likely to actually do it. And doing something--even if it's not much--is better than doing nothing, right?

    Okay, that's a whole lot of rambling! Sorry. I have very strong feelings about this, cuz' I'm trying to figure out where I stand too.

    BTW, we NEED to have you guys over for dinner, SOON!


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