Sunday, February 20, 2011

Yes, he ran into a wall........

When we were in San Fran in January my Mom called in a panic. She said "something's happened to Rusty". Automatically I thougth hit by a car, stepped on by a great dane...etc. Well, not exactly. Rusty had been chasing birds in the front yard. My Mom called him to the back yard and he was cruising. He ran so fast that I guess he did not see the spout sticking off of the brick on the house. BAM and he has a gash the size of a quarter on his shoulder. My Mom was so good to baby him and wash his wound and bandage him up for a few days for us. He is so funny. With those bandages wrapped around him he acted so pathetic. Obviously he knew that he looked like an invalid wiener dog. {The pic below is not for the faint of heart} I am happy to report that the wound is barely visible now. The Roo is back to himself.


This is sooo cute. Brynlee takes the Daddy doll and baby doll and carrys them around everywhere. They give each other kisses, play in the doll house, ride on her car, and pretty much everything else you can think of.

She LOVES her Daddy!!!!

And can you guess where I always find the mommy doll?

{Dramatic pause....and gasp}





I still don't quite know what to think of this.......

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

In LOVE with Grandma!!!

Bryn loves her grandmas so so much! You can see how excited she gets when she sees them. I also love them too! They are so special to us!!!

At Grandma Scott's

She get's to see her at least 3 times a week for 3-4 hours while I'm at work. Not sure for how long, but for right now that is our schedule. Grandma Scott has taught her so many fun things. Just today she taught Brynlee how to put her hand up to her nose and say Ah Choo! It's darling. Someday Brynlee will be Grandma's little quilting protege. Grandma S is so excited!!

Here she is with cousin Eliza. Grandma and Grandpa S wanted everyone sitting around the table and so got a couple of highchairs. The girls love being a part of the family dinner table.

{December 2010}

Brynlee's favorite corner at grandma and grandpa's is behind the couch in this corner with a special little cupboard of toys. She makes her way down there almost immediately to play with all the toys and sometimes finds special suprises (in the way of toys)! She LOVES it!! This cupboard was used by Kari and I growing up and was made by our Grandpa Robbins. It's fun to see it getting use through the generations.

{December 2010}

At Grandma Bates'

Brynlee also loves her Grandma Bates. Grandma Bates lives pretty much next door. Who wouldn't want to live next door to Grandma? Whenever we go to her house she immediately points towards the garage and waves goodbye to us. This is because she knows that grandma will spoil her with goody's which usually include a shake from Mcdonalds.

{October 2010}

Brynlee also likes to go to Grandma Bates' to see Uncle Casey, and to feed the fish. So much to little time!

Brynlee can also almost always count on getting her picture taken by her Grandma Bates. For some reason she is a good little poser and smiler with Grandma B, but not usually with us. You can see who she favors :) And Grandma Bates is an awesome picture taker. Maybe someday Brynlee will learn some of her picture taking skills too!

{October 2010}

I am so grateful for each of Brynlee's grandparents! We love them so much!!!!!

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