Thursday, February 19, 2009

How you can get pregnant from ice skating...

I can already tell that baby Brinlee is a sweet spirit by the simple fact that she has already brought so much joy into Tyler's and my life. We love just laying there on the couch with our hands on my buddha belly waiting for her to kick or move. We also love to think about how are lifes are going to change and how much this little baby will be a big focus of our time and love. Yesterday was our monthly appointment...It's always fun to see her little face, hands, and feet and see her wiggle around. And I must say it is always a relief for me to know that she is still alive and kickin'. I love our doctor too. I know for a fact that he's heard all the questions before, but he doesn't act like it's the same-old song and dance,...he always answers our questions thoroughly and is great!

Only problem is that the time before she gets here is going faster then I imagined. I was thinking about what was about 3 1/2 months ago...Halloween! Ok, that seems like just barely. And in that same amount of time we will be birthing. Holy bananas! I am sooooooooooo excited, but at the same time starting to freak out just a bit.

Ok, so you're probably wondering about the title of this blog. Well, this is how "Ice skating turns into getting pregnant":


This is a picture of Tyler and I's 3rd time together (one week after we met). It is also the first time that we ever held hands. The story goes something like this (don't feel obligated to read):

"My friend Anna and her friend Brent kept talking about a guy they wanted to set me up with. I had pretty much been set up by one-too-many dates by Anna. Don't get me wrong, I love the girl, but the dates she thought I would like were either too into themselves, or a little akward. Well, I guess Brent finally gave his friend Tyler my phone number because I got a call from this guy they had been talking about. On the phone he was very nice, and a little shy (which I love about Ty) and also my first impression about him was that he was a cowboy. For some reason back in 2003 I assumed that everyone who went to Fremont High was a hick who wore wranglers. Well, anyways we talked for quite some time on the phone and then he finally asked me out for that Friday (November 14th). The date was awesome!! It was a big group of probably 20 or so people, but I couldn't tell you who was there now. All I remember was the great time that I had with Tyler. We went to Olive Garden and then back to Tyler's to watch a movie. Anyways it went really well! We hung out one more time before this infamous picture and then the following Friday we all headed up to the Gallivan center for some ice skating. I honestly don't remember much about the night, but how much I enjoyed spending time with this guy!!!!!!!!! I do remember that we held hands for the first time on this night and sparks flew...woot woot... I also remember hearing my friend Tommy making fun of us for holding hands...All kidding aside, it was definitley one of those moments that I hope to never forget. And the rest is history. The rest of our dating and engagement is a story for another day, but that is basically how ice skating results in getting pregnant. Since I didn't post anything for Valentine's I thought it would be fun to share this picture. Tyler and I fell in love a little over 5 years ago, but are now much more in love!"
Valentine's was great even though Ty had a slight case of Pneumonia. After taking care of Tyler all day and nursing him back to health we were able to go to dinner and a movie. Mostly it was just fun having Valentine's be on a Saturday so we could hang out with each other all day.

Ok, gotta go...Rusty is crying for chocolate, which I will not feed him, but I will try to appease him with some other doodah of a snack.


  1. That is such a cute story! I love to hear how couples got together.

  2. It's always nice to think back on how you met your significant other. Fun memories! You seem like your doing really well with being prego! That's good, and yes time will continue to fly with your little one from this point on so always remember to enjoy every moment:)

  3. such a cute story! thanks for sharing! you think time is flying now...wait until your baby turns 3 and you barely remember what it was like to even have a newborn!!

  4. Thanks for sharing the story with us! Now we need to see some cute belly pictures!

  5. that is an awesome story! so cute

  6. Awwwww! You guys are so cute! I tell ya, that is one lucky baby to come to your house!

  7. I remember that night! That pic is great, I didn't notice that I was in it until I red your story, I'm kinda out of it today. Love the tagging!


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