Wednesday, April 30, 2008

If this picture offends you...

I'm kinda upset at how pathetic the Jazz looked last night. I really couldn't even stand to sit and watch that upset of a game. How embarrasing....It's definitley time to step it up boys!

In other news, apparently it really is cheaper to shop at Walmart....Today on KSL,...but this is why I've been avoiding it as much as possible in the past few years:

If this picture grosses you out or offends you, just let me know and I might think about taking it off...maybe.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

120 Minutes of Mindless Entertainment

May = Movies (Oh, and all the flowers, and baby birds, and etc. etc.), I can'ta waita for some relaxation!!!!!!!! These are the 4 that we will rent and I will lovingly force my cute husband to watch because I'm pretty sure he's not excited about any of them:

And these are the one's that we might go and see in the theatre:

What are your reccomendations????????

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I like chocolate, cream filled donuts!

The past couple of weeks have come and gone without me posting a blog, and now it's April. It's the beginning of warmer weather, the beginning of spring, and the beginning of more free time (in approximately 3 weeks). Here's what we've been up to these last 2 weeks:

***Last Wednesday Ty and I were able to go to the Jazz game against the Timberwolves. What a fun time we had and it was great being able to have good seats (every other Jazz game I've been to has been in the nosebleeds). This is a picture of Kyle Korver. I took this for all of my friends who have a crush on him.
And these are the ducks that Ty and I saw on their way to the drive thru at Burger King. I wonder what they were going to order?
***I bought a digital scrapbooking program! I'm so excited to get started with it. I have been inspired by other people's projects and am just so amazed at what other's can do. This program was supposedly one of the better programs with 60,000 graphics, 5,000 embellishments, 1,500 fonts, and more.

***Last Friday we went out with the Buttler's and the Rodriguez's to Tepenyaki. The Buttler's have been trying to get us to try sushi and suggested this place. It was nummo!! Ty and I split an entree and tried a bunch of different sushi's our favorite was the Las Vegas.
The Boys (note the Geisha girl trying to get in the picture)
The Girls (Oh, there she is again)

The Las Vegas Roll... Mmm

***We are still working on projects around our house and these hands here prove I've been painting. Ty's Mom has been so great about helping us out with everything from painting to decorating. This is the table that she found for us at Lowe's on clearance. Can you believe it was only $20 for the table and the mirror???

***Last Saturday and Sunday was General Conference. Let's just say that I walk away from conference wanting to be a better person and loving the gospel even more! It was a great experience to participate in the solemn assembly in sustaining President Monson. I know he is a man called by our Heavenly Father.

***Tuesday we were able to see the temple marriage of a family friend. It brought back lots of memories of Ty and I's wedding day. What an amazing day. I'll also never forget the love and support of our family and friends.

***My Mom's last chemo treatment was on Wednesday. What a trial this has been for her and my Dad and for the rest of the family. We are so excited for her to begin to get better and get back to being a healthy and an active person again. I love her so much!!

***Yesterday we went to Peter Pan with the youth in our ward. It was put on by Bonneville high. I love this story. It's kinda funny the different reactions that we got from the young men and from the young women. One young man said under his breath, "That was an hour and a half of torture!", while most of the young women thought it was such an amazing play!
***Today is Roo's birthday. He is 3...can you believe it? Where have the years gone:) We will be taking him to pet's mart to let him choose his very own toy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE ROO!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Get a Long Little Doggy!

Roo stretches it out because he's long!! He's long because he stretches it out!!

36" (give or take an inch or two) from tip of tail to end of snout. That is a long hot dog :)

If you know us then you know that we are kind of obsessed with our dog. He is our baby until a little one comes along (hopefully soon...cross your finger).
Born: April 12, 2005
Pup of: Tyler and Sara Hodson

Weight: 17 lbs...note: he's supposedly a mini, but weighs a little more then most mini's so he is considered a "tweenie"
Favorite Food: Anything that his Momma is currently eating, but if she happens to not be eating, which is rarely, then he loves Dingo Dog Bones

Best Friend: Rambo Hodson

Favorite Pass Time: Sleeping, watching cars go by in the living room window, chasing the neighbor's cat, playing with his favorite 4-square ball, sleeping, riding in his Daddy's truck...
Hidden Talent: Harmonizing with the fire trucks (for real)
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