Monday, May 16, 2011

They needed an Asian

So this is a compilation of what was going to be about 10 different posts. Life comes at you and blogging doesn't always so much always happen. But like always I will always try harder and be better :) I have left out:


because there were a whole load of pictures...the plan is to blog about these in the next week....or so.

Do you recognize her? Yes that is my "Sillouhette" from the February Ensign. Long story short....I went with my sister to an Ensign photoshoot. They specifically needed an Asian girl. I fit the bill. The plan is (suggested by my Momma) to put it in a small frame for Brynlee's room so that she can always have the example of her Mom reading her scriptures.

I really love this show--


I could tell you why, but then it would turn this into a really long post. Just watch it. Oh wait...the season ended. Well, watch it when it returns in the fall. It will not disappoint!

Please don't report me to CPS. We brought this upstairs one night because Rusty was sick. Brynlee loves to play in it. She honestly puts herself in there and closes the door. She'll bring toys and books in there. It's a party!

Digi-scrap = Newest addiction of Sara's

And this next collage is one done by Annette. I think it's just adorable. It does however make me a teeny bit sad, because she as you can see from these pictures...she's growing up right before my eyes...

This was Brynlee's 3rd trip to the zoo. We took her when she was 4 months old. Not a whole lot of fun for her. We took her again when she was just over a year...not a whole lot of fun for us...she was a bit moody. And then a few weeks ago I went with my friend Marilinda. SO FUN for everyone!!!! Perfect day, a little bit cooler, but that's ok because the animals were way active, and NO crowds! I had so much fun that I have asked a few others to take the journey down there in the coming weeks.....

Yes...she eats and drives at the same time. She must get it from her Momma.

Minute-to-win it was so much fun with the Young women. Definite crowd pleaser and highly entertaining. Probably the most hilarious one was the orange in the nylon game. Pictured below is "Junk in your trunk".

Oh my sad! They are completley revamping the temple Ty and I were married in. It will be, I'm sure, so gorgeous when it's all finished, but the old building is definitley sentimental to us. Our children will have to see pictures of what it looked like when their parents got married there...instead of driving past it. We were able to make it to one last visit about a week before it closed. Tear.

I love this Before and After blog. It's so cool to be able to see what people do with old furniture or grody rooms and make them into something wonderful and new again. Here is my own.

Before **DI find of $15. Please excuse my big booty**:

After **A black desk...we don't use the desktop computer as much this might have another future use. Thanks Mom for your help!!**:

Next on the project list is this:

{Waiting for pic}

I picked it up off of KSL for $25 buckaroos. She called it Shabby-Chic. Um...maybe not. But I do really enjoy the cute little legs and quaint little edging at the top. The plan is to strip the 20 layers of paint off of it and paint it a creamy color for Bryn's room to hold all of her books.

In the past couple of months Tyler has probably made 4 or 5 batches of chili verde. He has tried out several different recipes and is becoming the Verde Master!!! It is so delicious!!!! Ask anyone, he's a better cook then yours truly. I'm am totally ok with that :)

Here is a video of one of the grossest things.

She knows it sicks us out...and to her that is hilarious. Peace out!!


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