Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I'm Torn

Blogging Cons for me:
*It takes a lot of time...I need to not feel like I have to catch up on every little thing that is going on in our lifes. And I need more time period :)
*Only about 1/3 of those who were into blogging are still blogging...once every 4 months.
*Everyone can see your pictures on FB...even though I still don't put them there either.

Blogging Pros:
*I miss it...wierd. I look at everyone who does keep up their blogs and love to look at them...it makes me wish I was more consistent.
*It is a great way to express my family life in pictures and words to share with friends and family.
*I would get my endless amount of scrapbooking done faster.

...but you might have missed this:

1 of about 200 pics from Christmas time...2011

...or this random happening. This is what happens when brynlee gets a hold of my ipod.  I find these little gems.  What better way to share then on blogger?

Wow...I just noticed that pictures are so much easier to load now on blogger... this might cut down on the whole time consuming thing...hmmm...
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