Monday, January 17, 2011

Our HUGE blessing that stands about two feet high.

Brynlee Mae...what more can I say. We are totally in love with this girl. Everything about her!!! This is such a fun age. She is so fun to watch and play. She just loves to be with us and we love to be with her. She is learning so much and we are totally in awe. She is seriously such a sweetheart and I feel so blessed!

November 2010. This is at the kiddy place in the Newgate Mall. Brynlee LOVES it! She mostly stands around watching the other kids play, and then plays a little.

I think this is on the same day...just chillin while Mom and Dad attempt to do some Christmas shopping....

This one is a tid bit blurry, but it kinda shows how she is immitating everything we do!!! I mean everything. We yell at the does she. We fold our arms to does she. I put a sticker on my does she. She is so impressionable!!!

And this is how she decides to wear headbands. It's so cute watching her put them on her head and then walking around thinking she looks beautiful. She does no matter what!!

Brynlee and baby Zach

Brynlee and Uncle Elmo. Ashley and Brock bought this shirt for Casey and she LOVES it!!!!

This is what she looks like most mornings when she's eating breakfast. She always wants to wear any coat "coe" and has to have her blankie "Beebee" by her side.

ps...if you're wondering why I never dress my child in anything besides jammies and never do her hair. Well, this girl has a little mind of her own. She loves certain outfits and anything comfortable. I have done her hair in piggies several times, but pretty sure she just pulls them out within 10 minutes...

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