Monday, March 29, 2010

Christmas day!

Christmas was so fun with baby Brynlee!!

Yippee my favorite perfume!
My favorite gift = sewing machine from my Mom and Dad
Tyler ♥'s this show...don't ask me why?!
Ty's favorite gift = $$ from his Mom and Grandma and Grandpa B.

Brynlee had to taste everything to make sure they were ok to play with.

Brynlee's favortie gift = The wrapping paper and bows

Brynlee and her cousin Taitlyn (2nd cousin)

Such a great day with our princess :)

Is this wierd that I'm posting this a week before Easter?????!!!!????

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Brynlee Bear Sure is Growing!

Ok, so she is 9 whole months now!! That sure did fly by. She is our little angel, and we are so grateful for her everyday! It hit me the other day when I was in the store looking for some summer clothes for her. I was in the infant section and couldn't find any of her size....that's because her size is in the toddler section now! What!!!???!!!

She is now:
...26.5 inches long and 17.85 lbs-kinda on the smaller side.

...pulling herself to a standing position, but has yet to crawl. Somehow though if we sit her in one place she ends up in another place that's about 3 feet away. I think somehow she's scooting.

...loving Cheerios :) But hating any kind of baby food that's not sweet potatoes.

...getting a little anxiety when we hand her to someone she doesn't know. a little chatterbox and screecher. In church this has proven to be a problem. She will hang over the back of the bench and screech at all of the people behind us, and then protest very loudly when we try and get her off of the back of the bench. OH, and then there was the time that someone was singing a very lovely musical number and she chose to sing along in her screech owl voice. FUNNY, but maybe not so funny to the people trying to sing

Pics that Ty's Mom took:

Pics that JCPenny's took:

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As you can see it takes her a little bit to warm up to people...and that is why there was not even a hint of a smile for the girl taking these.

...and what have we been up to?...

It will hopefully be done soon :) Ty has been working SOOO hard on it. He goes to work from 6 to 3:30 and then comes home and works on the house until it gets dark. Ty, his Grandpa, and his brother have been doing the electrical and plumbing and little framing jobs inside for the past couple of weeks. I think they are amaaaazzzing! This week the brickers are putting on the brick. It is beginning to look like a house, but has a ways to go until it looks like a home.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Something different for my 100th post...

No it's not a giveaway...sorry...maybe if I had something fun to give away.

While looking over my blog list, I noticed the word "recommitment". I would love to be recommited/committed to lots of stuff, but lack the time and energy. But how 'bout just being MORE committed to everything life has to offer?? So, I'm going to try and be "more committed" each week to something different. And hopefully by doing so will be able to inspire the millions of readers who read my blog....haha actually I just wanna inspire myself and by putting it on here I am more likely to accomplish my goals.

I have loved the Wordless Wednesday's and Pretty Monday's, So each Monday plan on "MORE COMMITTED Monday's", whether you care or not, I plan on posting what I am going to be more committed to and report back on how the past week went. I want to try and be more committed in 2 or 3 ways each week :). We will see.

Some ideas that are brewing right now are: being more committed to......

==my husband==

==my daughter==

==finding a bargain==


==my dog==

==being crafty==


==being spontaneous==



==my religon==

==my ward calling==

==eating healthy==



==Starting my business==

==My Car==

==Summer time==

==Finding simple beauty==

==Finding color==

This should be interesting. And if you find that I suddenly stop posting it isn't because I have given up...well maybe it is...but more likely I have become lazy in posting to this blog. So really maybe one of my More Committed Monday's should be dedicated to being more committed to blogging.

This week I plan on being more committed to exercising. This gorgeous weather will definitley be a factor in helping me accomplish this :)

How many times do you see the word commit?

(Answer: 12)
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